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Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 7:30 PM

Organic Certification and International Fair Trade Program

This is an alternative economic solution for small producers who, due to limited economic resources, greatly benefit from technical assistance, organic certification through the Kiwa Bcs Öko Garantie Peru SAC certification and the principles of Fair Trade. These are growers who previously sold in conventional markets and who were often forced to sell at prices equal to or lower than their production costs.

To change this harsh reality, Chanchamayo Highland Coffee constituted the Organic Certification and Fair Trade Program directed by the Internal Control System; responsible for managing and providing technical assistance to small producers to improve their agricultural practices and lifestyle, as well as forge their social and environmental responsibility aligning with the ten principles of Fair Trade, incentivizing them with prices that exceed their cost of production and value in the conventional market as well as support in management and financing for improvement of access to the farms of the most disadvantaged producers, among other social activities.

Proyecto cofinanciado por INNÓVATE PERÚ del Ministerio de la Producción